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This bone is approximately 14 inches long, gathered in central Iowa in 2013, and decorated with the finest bone magicks. (via Folk Art Silver and Red Deer Tibia by squelettedebois on Etsy)

A friend of mine paints recovered deer bones. I like this one because it looks like Iron Man. :) You owe it to yourself to check out everything she does.
Here’s an adorable God of Thunder calling down the lightning for your Sunday morning.
Nathaniel Payne
Rocket Raccoon
I’ve been wanting to draw this little fella for quite a while. He’s the last of my Guardians of the Galaxy members and I’m quite proud of how he turned out. Now that I’ve managed to draw all five members, I feel like I’m finally really for the movie next week.
Nathaniel Payne

On the marking of milestones

On the marking of milestones

On Sunday, July 13th, I posted a new Arcadia comic with very little fanfare. It was a busy weekend, we had just celebrated our daughter’s fifth birthday with a big family party the day before, and we were recovering and cleaning and just generally enjoying the quiet that comes from a week’s worth of effort gradually winding down. I posted comic #32 right from my phone because it had been ready…

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Continuing the Guardians of the Galaxy train! Last but not least will be Rocket, and I’m super anxious about drawing him. He might not show up for a few days! Until then, enjoy this kick-ass daughter of Thanos.
Nathaniel Payne
The Guardians of the Galaxy train continues! Next up is Gamora, followed closely by the fan favorite, Rocket Raccoon.
Nathaniel Payne
The second Guardian of the Galaxy. Next up is ROCKET!
Nathaniel Payne
Drax the Destroyer
The first of all the Guardians of the Galaxy that I’ll be drawing this coming week.
Nathaniel Payne
Grim Reaper
I drew this adorable harbinger of doom today for the Sketch Dailies challenge.
Purchase a print of it from my Society6 shop!
Nathaniel Payne
This print is available in my Society6 shop
Nathaniel Payne